Fairburn Agates Collections!

Fairburn agates, know that fairburn prospectors really do love their agates...

Queen of the Fairburns

Red Skirted Lady

Pink Lady Slipper Fairburn

Fairburn Prices

When you discuss prices, of course the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so prices vary with how hot the buyer is and how dearly the buyer wants the agate!

Prices range from: $10 to 65.00 for a good quality 3 to 5 ounce fairburn agate with good color, and to up to $75.00 to $100.00 + for a fairburn agate 6 to 8 ounces. Fairburns over a pound are rare and their prices, well the sky is the limit!

I have purchase fairburn agates from private parties for exceptional deals, but know that the deals are getting fewer and farther between as agate fanciers are seeing higher prices for agates of all types, with the fairburns bringing the highest prices because of their rarity.

Current prices can be found on www.ebay.com and doing a search for fairburn agate. You will find that large fairburn agates fetch a price that is unbelievable!


Painted Lady Fairburn

Midnight Blue Lady Fairburn

Black Knight Knapper Fairburn


My Teepee Canyon Agate Collection

Know that the above agates are from my private collection and so are not for sale, but I do have other agates that will be featured in the future editions of this site. 

email: agatehunters@aol.com


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