Fairburn Agate Tools!

Fairburn agates, can be tools or artifacts, so here are the distinguishing characteristics...

Fred is an artifact hunter expert as well as has a keen eye for identifying agate tools, and he is the one that got me started on looking for knap marks on agates.

Many agate collectors are unaware of the fact that an agate may be even more valuable, by virtue of being an artifact created and used by the Indian tribes.

So what makes an agate a possible artifact?

  • Size: usually several ounces
    (look at size and fit to the hand)
  • Colors:
    (Indians liked bright colors and bold striping)
  • Quality of Banding
    (More narrow bands = more valuable and possibly more likely an Indian artifact)
  • Number of Bands:
    (softer quartz rock, easier to use and shape with knapping tools)
  • Shape of Agate
    (does it fit the hand well?)
  • Knapp marks
    (look for rounded depressions and nick marks, as well as thumb wear and smoothed spots due to use)
  • Is it an artifact?
    This Doubles the Value!

Current prices can be found on www.ebay.com and doing a search for fairburn agate. You will find that large fairburn agates fetch a price that is unbelievable!

Fairburn Agates

How to know a "REAL Artifact"!

This fairburn agate is even more valuable as it is an artifact, and was used as a tool by the Indians.

Note the shape of the agate that it easily fits the hand, and that the agate was knapped or notched out in the lower right corner to make the agate easier to hold. There are several edges on the agate that were used for knapping, smoothing and pounding. When you look at your agates note smoothed edges, worn parts that are smooth to the touch. Grip the agate like you would use it as a hammer, or a grinder. Knappers will be covered in detail later in the site.

As an agate hunter, I find that some of the most beautiful agates are also stone agate tools, since the Indians loved to use beautiful agates in their daily work.

Fred has an extensive collection of agate stone tools, which are similar in shapes and sizes to their uses. This collection will be featured in a new edition of the website.

Anyone that has additional information on these Indian agate artifact tools is invited to contact us via:

email: agatehunters@aol.com



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