To Contact Us at Agate Hunter!

Our mission is to:

Connect as many agate hunter enthusiasts together as possible via the web!

This website will focus on creating an agate community with stories and photos of great finds, as well as current history of agates.

In time, articles and books on agates and agate formation with be available or linked to on this site as well as a great links page to other related rock enthusiast websites.

In addition, we will work with rock show developers to keep a current list of shows and their locations, as well as dates and times for exhibitors and visitors.

We will be creating a newsletter, to keep rock hounds, agate hunters, crystal keepers, and rock lovers informed as to the latest developments in new areas to hunt as well as "rock lovers news".

Please feel free to join our community. We welcome fellow agate hunters and hope that you enjoy our site, and are able to use this as a means to extend our friendship and yours with others that have been "bitten by the agate/rock/mineral lovers bug"!

If there are any prospectors (you don't have to be an "old timer"), out there that would like to share their tips and tricks on prospecting, please feel free to send them to:


Fred, Agate and Artifact Hunter Expert!

Fred is pictured in a mine, and he has a great story to tell about it, which will be featured in pages to come.

Fred's agate hunting partner is me, Jennie, I guess I can understand why he always beats me with finding the best fairburns, and lake superior agates...

It MUST  be his hat, at least I feel better if I think this way... Rather than he is a better prospector than I am!

See you on the trails, Fred and Jennie

We love the badlands and would welcome stories about your great finds, as well as photos to boot!
We request the right to edit stories and submissions to limit concerns with privacy.

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