Lake Superior Agate Collection!

Laker Collectors, know that laker prospectors really do love their agates...

As a laker hunter, what makes the best lake superior agates worth so much?

  • Size: usually several ounces to a pound or so
    (Over two pounds are rare)
  • Colors, brighter are more valuable (iron red with wide white bands are highest in value)
  • Quality of Banding
    (More narrow bands = more valuable, and more color variations in the banding)
  • Number of Bands
    (Wide white bands are exceptional and really add to the value of the agate
  • Shape of Pattern
    (Generally bands of alternating colors that are wider are usually more prized, and so sought after)
  • Damage, Cracks or Breaks
    (Especially with lakers, this is a value maker or breaker, since most have been subject to erosion by the glaciers)
  • Is it an artifact? Doubles value!
    (Look for knapped areas, with smooth spots that show hand wear, many of the agates that I buy on ebay are agate tools and artifacts, but one does not know until for sure until you hold it in your hand!)


Our Lake Superior Agate Collection

Coming Soon!

Current prices can be found on and doing a search for lake superior agate. You will find that large lake superior agates fetch a price that is unbelievable!


We buy and sell fairburn and lake superior agates.

Please call: 608-526-5929 for more information


Thanks, Jennie



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